How To Safely Buy Feet Pictures and Videos Online

If you want to buy feet pictures, you are definitely on the right website and you are reading the right article. This website contains a lot of helpful guide and tips for those interested in buying good feet pics or even videos, without getting ripped off.

And that’s one of the big problems right now with the whole feet pictures/videos selling – too many girls (and even boys) ripping potential buyers off either by not sending the pictures after payment or sending mediocre quality pictures.

Many do that because they know some of the buyers will be too ashamed to try to get their money back.

There are millions of Feet Lovers Out There

While some people think it’s a problem having a foot fetish, it’s really not. And that’s because there are millions of people out there that have this fetish, even though they won’t openly admit it.

There are even millionaires, politicians, celebrities, sports and movie stars who have this fetish.

It’s a perfectly healthy fetish if done right

There’s nothing wrong with this if you don’t let it affect how you treat yourself and especially how you treat others.

Tips to help you when looking to buy feet pictures

Below are some important tips to help you:

Don’t appear too desperate to buy

Appearing too desperate to buy feet photos might put you at a disadvantage and leave you open to getting scammed.

Always initiate conversation with any seller before you buy

This is very important because it will give you some insight into the seller. You might even be able to know, just from conversation with them, whether they are trustworthy. If you notice rudeness or lack of respect from the sellers during your conversation with them, then take that as a red flag. If they can’t be bothered to treat you with respect before you buy from them, it’s unlikely the buying process will go okay.

Always ask for samples before you pay

You don’t want to buy blindly without first getting a glimpse of what you will be buying. That’s why you should always ask for samples before paying. The samples will usually be lower quality in terms of picture quality or will be watermarked, but gives you an idea of whether that’s what you want to pay for or not.

Make sure the samples belong to the particular seller

This is also very important because some sellers are known to steal other girls’ feet pics online and offer them to buyers as theirs.

While you might think just asking the girls to provide a couple of samples to ensure they are not sending just one sample belonging to someone else, that’s not always foolproof. They can still get several feet pictures of the same person online, and try to sell them to you, as theirs.

A good way to prevent this happening to you is to have them verify the pictures belong to them. And they can do this by including any piece of information next to their feet, BEFORE they take the pictures. This will ensure you are actually buying the pictures from the owner of the feet!

Always ask for proof of age before you buy from any girl

It’s very easy to get into trouble with the law these days, especially with minors trying to make money whatever way they can.

In many countries of the world you can get into big trouble if you are seen with sexual pictures of minors. Even though the pictures might just be of their feet, they can still get you in trouble if they are minors.

If you prefer feet videos to feet pictures, you can buy them instead or as well

While it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, videos might be worth much more, in terms of how they satisfy you. If you are someone that prefers videos, you can ask to buy these from the sellers instead of, or as well as, pictures.

Don’t be shy to ask the girls for customized feet pictures/videos

If you want customized feet pictures or videos, don’t be shy to ask. If you are like many feet lovers, you are tired of seeing the same pictures all over.

In fact, you can find such over-used and over-shared pictures online for free. That’s why some feet lovers find more value paying for customized pictures that will be of what they want and how they want.

Many sellers are aware of this and are willing to take such customized pictures or even videos for you.

Of course these will be more expensive than generic pictures, but you don’t have to pay a fortune. If you can afford to pay a fortune, that’s awesome but if you can’t, you don’t have to.

Some girls are willing to sell you customized pictures or videos of feet from few hundred dollars to even less than $50. As much as it would depend on the girls and how much they want to charge, it also depends on you and how much you want to pay

Ask for copyright permission if you intend to distribute the pictures

It’s very important to ask for copyright permission and get the permission in writing, if you intend to distribute or use any girls’ feet pictures or videos in any commercial way. If not, you can end up getting in trouble with the law.

Where to find girls feet pictures or videos to buy

There are lots of places online and even offline to find girls willing to sell their feet pictures and videos.

Social Media


This site looks like one of the top sites for both sellers and buyers of feet pictures. They claim to be able to connect both buyers and sellers.

Social Media

With social media, the ones to focus on to find sellers are:
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Instagram
– Reddit

Just focusing on these will keep you busy for a long time.

With any of them, you can get started by creating your account to help you communicate privately with the sellers.

When creating your account, you should be cautions about using your real details, to keep your privacy safe. You certainly don’t want to be blackmailed or have your private details splattered all over the Internet in future, if anything goes wrong.

Online Classified Ads Sites

– Craigslist
– Oodle
– Locanto
– Ebay classifieds
– Hoobly
– Geebo
– Classifiedads
– Free Classifieds

There are also many other classified ad sites out there but the above should be enough to keep you busy for a while.