Foot Fetish

What Foot Fetish is All About

It’s mostly those people who have a foot fetish that are interested in buying female or male foot pictures. While there are modeling agencies and even movie directories interested in buying pictures of lovely feet, they are are minority.

The majority are foot fetishist. Sadly though, not everyone who has this fetish has the answers to their most pressing questions.

If you are one of such people with more questions than answers about this fetish, you should definitely read the rest of this article for the right answers.


What is Foot Fetish?

This is a fetish like other types of fetishes, except that it’s mainly focused on the feet or footwear.

Those who have this fetish love feet, sometimes even much more than they love other parts of the body.


Who can be called a Foot Fetishists?

Anyone who has this fetish can be called a foot fetishist.


Do Foot Fetishists also have other Fetish desires?

Some foot fetishists also have other fetish desires. Some other sexual fetishism that is associated with foot fetishists includes butt fetish, foot worship, shoe fetish, BDSM, and voyeurism, etc.


Should I be worried if my partner is a foot fetish?

You should not be worried if your partner has a foot fetish. It is a normal sexual preference for some people. Instead of getting worried, you need to show support for your partner.


Are there any women who foot fetishize men’s feet?

More men have been identified as foot fetishists than women. Nevertheless, there are women who fetishize on men’s feet.


foot fetish


Do people really make money with Foot Fetishism?

Yes, people really make money from this, selling to those who have this fetish. Many such people start by making videos or taking pictures of their feet and selling to interested foot fetishists online and even offline.


What are the other terms used for Foot Fetishism?

If you are not familiar with foot fetishism, other terms that may be thrown around are partialism, podophilia, and foot worship, etc.


Are there cultures that practice Foot Fetishism?

There are some cultures that are known to practice foot fetishism. There is a history of foot fetishism being practiced in ancient China and 19th century Europe.


How can I help my partner who is foot fetish?

If your partner is foot fetish, then you can help him get the best of his experience. Open communication about what everyone wants is very crucial. You should explore options that would help you spark up sexual interests.

If kissing, toeing, tickling, or other forms of foot fetish act is suitable for both of you then you should explore them.


How can you incorporate foot fetish into your relationship?

It is simple, discuss the issue more with your partner and abide by your decision. If the practice of foot fetishism suits your relationship, then you need to incorporate it fast.


Are there popular people with Foot Fetishes?

There are lots of popular that are confirmed foot fetish. Some of them are celebrity musicians, actors, TV personalities, and sportsmen.

Some of the popular names associated with foot fetishism include

  • Alex Rodriguez ( a former Baseball shortstop)
  • Big Boi ( a Rapper)
  • Christian Slater (an actor)
  • Britney Spears ( a singer)
  • Giacomo Casanova ( an adventurer and author)
  • Quentin Tarantino ( an Actor and Filmmaker)
  • Tommy Lee ( a Musician)
  • Idris Elba ( an actor)
  • Ricky Martin (Singer)


What are the websites that are devoted to Foot Fetish?

There are many websites devoted to publishing foot fetish content. Some of the notable ones include FootsieBabes, HotLegsAndFeet, FootFetishDaily, and Sexy-Lena, etc.


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